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Part of the culture of every nation is to preserve their customs, traditions and rituals passed down from generation to generation. Customs traditions and customs of the Kazakh people evolved over several centuries. A characteristic feature of the Kazakh people was and is welcome. Guests are always greeted warmly and seated necessarily enjoy refreshments in the dastarkhan dressy yurt - dwelling national Kazakhs. Kazakh cuisine is famous mainly a large variety of delicious deli meats and meat dishes, as well as healthy drinks such as kumyz, shubat ayran .
Here you will be able to carry out activities related to the wedding , the birth and upbringing of the child, taking guests and so on. In accordance with the customs and traditions of Kazakh people . The most important national holidays are: Nauryz , or the Spring Festival , falls on the spring equinox , Kurban Ait, or the Feast of Sacrifice , numerous wedding ceremonies - Uryn toy, Zhertys toy, Үashu, Betashar , as well as baby - Shіldehana , Tusaukeser and many others.
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